Advocate Toolkit

New Success Stories and Outreach Materials Now Available (4/13)

New success stories are now available on the Success Stories page. New outreach and training materials are also available on the Administrative Resources page and on the Additional Topics page under the under the Private Debt Collection section.

New Resources for Congressional Visits and Information on the Private Debt Collection Program Now Available (4/6)

New materials to help LTAs conduct congressional appointments are now available on the Tools for Congressional Contacts page. New information on the Private Debt Collection Program is now available on the Additional Topics page under the Hot Topics section.

New Outreach Resources for Tax Professionals and External Audiences Now Available (2/2)

New presentation materials are now available on the PowerPoints: External Audiences and PowerPoints: Tax Professionals pages. Additionally, Publication 4824-B, TAS Outreach Card, is now available on the Publications and Phone Numbers page.

New EITC Fast Facts Now Available (1/19)

Fast facts for 2017 EITC outreach are now available on the Additional Topics page. This information can be used during the 2017 filing season in articles, flyers, speeches or presentations to better target key audiences. Don’t forget, EITC Awareness Day is January 27, 2017!


Local Taxpayer Advocate Highlighted As Source For IRS Help In St. Louis

Local Taxpayer Advocate Peggy Guinn and Taxpayer Advocacy Panel Director Sheila Andrews were recently featured in a St. Louis news story highlighting resources available to assist with solving IRS issues and to provide feedback to the IRS. “Within every state there is a local taxpayer advocate by law. We help taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS that they have not been able to resolve on their own,” said Peggy Guinn, the head of the TAS in St. Louis. “We are the voice of the taxpayer but we are like the safety net.” Visit KMOV News 4 to watch the full segment.




This information can help you with outreach opportunities related to current
IRS initiatives and to make sure you are informed about these hot topics, including:  

    • FY 2017 Objectives Report to Congress
    • 2015 Annual Report to Congress
    • ARC Infographics
    • Return Preparer Fraud
    • Identity Theft
    • Disaster Relief
    • Victims of Domestic Violence
    • Innocent Spouse Relief
    • Return Preparer Regulation
    • Filing Season and Tax Law Updates
    • Geographic Leadership Communities (GLC)
    • LITC Resources
    • EITC Outreach
    • TAS Recruitment